Sunday, December 21, 2008

skate date deux

another day out with whitehead. he needed an assistant/wingman/co-pilot so i gladly obliged

using all the skills he learned from bones skatepark, ollie took it to the gonz gap and survived

ollie had competition today: passmore was king of the snappers

this spot was good and the owners had kindly applied a fresh coat of paint, ripe for removal

going old school, nick's not afraid to rock e-bay gold

next spot was a killer, super-secret passmore find. it takes jimmy boyes skill to find shit like this

clean-up duty-related injury

blurry overview shot that doesn't do it justice

no trick spoilers on this blog so you'll have to make do with a warm-up shot

one last pit-stop before bedtime. again my camera lets me down so take my word for it that it's sick

top work all round today, lads. cheers for putting up with the floor lurker

Thursday, December 18, 2008

thy fearful symmetry

so in a weird quirk, the first gig i went to this year was a re-arranged date and, last night, probably the last gig i'll see this year was another re-arranged date. and it was easily the best

the hold steady tore the roundhouse a new one. can't wait to see them again, although probably not in my prefered venue, which would be a nasty 200 person sweat-house. or fight club

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the good old days

got a call from whitehead to say he was in town for one day only. always down for meeting a morrissey-quoting northerner, so i volunteered to be his assistant for the day

first stop after meeting at euston was a rain-out

next spot, though, was a result

job done here. trick spoilers? AH-DOOOOOOOOOOOT

back to the blocks but they were in the shade so still an epic fail

all good, though. never a lack of spots in this city

sun went down fast so it was time for jenny

still time for one more spot:

on the way, we had a little fender-bender

funny thing was all day ollie kept apologising for keeping me standing around but i love days like this: watching people a million times more talented than me making everything look easy and having fun whilst doing so. you gotta love that

cheers for the day-out, mate. sort that move out

oh, and apologies for the bad directions