Thursday, February 10, 2011

steven binks 10/12/1975 - 9/2/2011

steve binks is a skateboarder
steve binks is a great friend
steve binks loves his family
steve binks loves the north east
steve binks knows his hip hop
steve binks will welcome you into his home
steve binks will give you his time
steve binks will not hesitate to call you out if you do something daft
steve binks will be there for you if you're hurting and you need a shoulder to lean on. a shoulder that's held together with pins and love

steve binks does not deserve the past tense, and he will not get it from me

because steve binks is forever

fucking love you, man

Monday, February 7, 2011

i'll have a vanilla.....

one of the vanilla bullshit things, you know, you, whatever you want, some vanilla bullshit latte cappa thing, you know whatever you got, I don't care