Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

all in the timing

gotta love walking into a gig just as it starts

missed art brut who supported but there will be other nights, i'm, sure

(this video isn't mine, just wanted to show you the sexy/sinister mask karen o was rocking)

farnborough ground show

gorm drove down to farnborough to meet up with paris' best ex-pat: chas one

chas quickly dropped his "vin rouge and cheese" regime for a slightly more english diet

rad curb/island combo

attempt at art-faggery fail. the wall at the end has been wall-ridden to fuck and looks rad

sessions like this warm the soul: buddies from forever and a day ago getting together at their local spot and having laughs. not trying to sound like a twerp but this is the glue that holds skateboarding together. total radness

Friday, April 10, 2009

savoy grill

gorm runs a tight ship: he picked me up before 8am

collingwood was the destination. joining us were french and land-pirate arrgh

bummer: andy mac beat us to the long-distance jump

this didn't put jamie off getting his AVE on

remember: this a non-spoiler blog. tell your mum

french got his new trick on film

sticker repping (look closely, bing)

whybrow turned up. he got his vert on so the 7.5 stayed in the car. rest easy, kids: no ramps were burnt today

rain stopped play so we got a cheeky brunch. tarmac never tasted so good

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

two birds, one stone

product plug for bingo and an excuse to run a picture of french? win/win

late show

if you're a) quick and b) living in glasgow then you still have time to see toby paterson's latest show. it's at the modern institute until tomorrow!

jake vs chrome

you can never go wrong with a cast like this


yet again, i've been sleeping bigtime on this shit. apols