Sunday, December 13, 2009

open doors

friday night was an open studio at absolute zero, two super-nice people who do the mini moderns range

they work out of a three-storey work/living space in camberwell. i had serious envy as the whole place was epically nice

whilst it would be awesome to get out of bed and walk downstairs to work, i'd have trouble leaving the sitting room if i had signed stanley donwood's to gaze at all day

it was a really nice evening. the term "artistic community' is so played out sometimes, especially when it's applied to hipster scenes where it seems it's more about being seen than actually doing work. here you had not only two superb people producing beautiful work, but supported by friends and colleagues who were just bloody lovely. everyone i met was chatty, friendly and completely un-wanky. it warmed the soul on a harsh winter's night

thanks guy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

good apples

apple store had a q and a with spike jonze

moderator was.....

adam showed spike some youtube comments on the WTWTA trailer

it was a really good conversation. plus they showed a short film you could only previously get with mcsweeney's, so that was a result

funeral march

the nice guys at chapter one have a new french show called Isolated Magick. it's fucking rad

good turn out on opening night

my favourite piece: the skull trooper

on another note of radness, check out french's november mix. it has added gorm so you can't argue with that